Apply Here

Application Process

Application form and requirements

Fill in the application form and attach necessary documents as per the checklist below:

  • Certified copy of Company Registration/Incorporation
  • Certified copy of certificate of share capital
  • Zambia Revenue Authority TPIN
  • Certified copy of list of shareholders and / or directors
  • ID/Passport certified
  • Business plan and/or feasibility study
  • Verifiable evidence of project finance
  • Brief resumes/CVs for shareholders and/or directors
  • Clear statement on how the project will fit into the overall LS - MFEZ Master
  • Layout plan of Proposed development. (required after approval on the application)

N.B Then submit together with a non-refundable application fee of ZMW1250 to be paid to LS MFEZ.

Criteria for Evaluation

  • Value of investment: Investment should be above $500,000.00 for foreign investors and $50,000.00 for local investors
  • Jobs Created: Each investment should create not less than 50 job opportunities with an exception to specific industries.
  • Export Potential: Quality of products to be produced should be of high standard that can penetrate the regional market as well as internationally.
  • Value Chain Maximization: ensure use of local raw materials, local transporters, supply agreements with locals, impact of product or service to the locals.
  • Industry in Agro Processing: Priority is given to investors who wish to venture in agro processing projects. (our priority is to grow the manufacturing sector and Agri- processing is part of the manufacturing. I propose priority is should be given general manufacturing and value addition to local raw materials should be our priority)
  • Investor Meeting (Interview): Investors are invited for a meeting with the team for a familiarization interview and clarifications of any information that may be deemed unclear.