The Zone has opened up 19.5 Kilometres of all-weather Gravel roads to enable access to its growing investor base and catalyze development of the area.

20Km of Bitumus road network has been developed, with water supply and 33KV Electricity infrastructure. This is aimed at delivering fully serviced land to potential investors and 99% electricity up time.

The government also offers various incentives to companies operating in the economic zone. The investors have access to fiscal incentives and other benefits when they invest in the zone.

LS MFEZ provides adequate and efficient infrastructure systems to sustain the development of the Zone. The system is environmentally friendly, cost effective, and creates a conducive environment for both local and foreign investors. All these have been properly planned, designed and installed to meet the operational requirements of LS-MFEZ.

These efforts have created a conducive environment for investments and subsequent economic activities. Being a Public Sector led MFEZ, the provision of the requisite basic infrastructure and utility systems are all being undertaken with the Government’s support.