Research and Development Institutions

Investors can develop innovative productive hubs, training centers, research institutions within the Zone. Research and Development activities represent the most important activity of Science and Technology Parks worldwide. The Zone has reserved enough land for the development of R&D and willing investors are welcome to invest in this sector.

High Technology Industries

State of the art technology industries are a prerequisite to the development of a nation. Opportunities to develop such industries within the Zone are enormous as large parcels of land have been allocated for development. As is the case, importation of equipment and machinery for the first 5 years is free.

Commercial Institutions

Investors can invest in commercial and service centres for residents and visitors such as office parks, shopping malls, restaurants etc. Commercial Core offers about 62.29 hectares of land for development. This acts as the LS-MFEZ ‘nerve centre’, a nucleus for all commercial and trade activities.

Agriculture and Agro Based Industries

Climatic conditions in Zambia are ideally suited for wide variety of exportable crops including horticulture and floriculture. Agro-processing of wheat, soyabean, cotton, tobacco, spices, sugar and vegetables is encouraged to add value to local produce. Special incentives are offered to commercial and small holder farmers through the linkages created by the agriculture and agro processing industry.

Packaging & Printing Industries

The Zambian manufacturing industry is growing at a fast rate and the demand for high quality printing and packaging products is growing simultaneously. An investor can engage in custom packaging design services for product boxes, sleeves, tags, wrappers and many other more. The demand is this sector is equally higher than the supply.

Processing of Gemstones

Zambia is endowed with very high quality Gemstones such as Emerald, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Rubies, Garnets, and Diamonds – which are still unexploited. The LS-MFEZ offers investors an opportunity to invest in the untapped but growing gemstone processing industry.

Electronic Appliances Industries

Lighting up the “city within a city” will incorporate labour and machine intensive industries such as assembly of electronics and electrical goods. 10 years ago the demand for electronic goods by Zambians was in its relative infancy stage, in the recent past it has doubled. There is enormous opportunities for investors willing to benefit from the demand in the electronics and electrical industries in the LS-MFEZ.

Institutions & Training Centers

Investors can invest in Institutional areas for training/education technology, skills training centre, and universities. These institutions will aid in attaining the education and skills development in Vision 2030 of the national development plan. Investors in educational institutions will be able to put in place a comprehensive and diversified curricula that is responsive to the social and economic needs of the individual and the community. The LS-MFEZ offers enough land to investors to set up such institutions at affordable rates.